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April Beach

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Hosted by Kathleen Pecoraro, founder of DreamCatcha Consulting, Moderator of DreamCatcha Community, and Creator of “Magnetize Your Medical Practice: Executing Growth and Influence Techniques”.

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of running a medical practice while trying to maintain quality patient care? Frozen and stressed about where to get started?

You’re not alone, many healthcare providers feel isolated and lack support in navigating the complexities of practice growth and sustainability…until they systemize strategies that work!

Learn what simple, yet transformational, processes to implement in this 5-day Summit.

When everything functions like a well-oiled machine, you no longer have to worry about patient acquisition, retention or loyalty. You have collaborative care partners that refer to you ongoing. You have insight to all the processes and techniques that drive growth and…
You Stay Focused On The Patients.

Join Medical Practice Growth Mastery Summit with Experts that Teach Techniques AND Provide FREE Resources!

The experts participating in this summit are top thought leaders in practice growth and have guided many clients to success through their teachings. YOU get it all in 5 days!

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This summit is a thoughtfully curated series of topics delivered to you by highly experienced experts who mastered them. The experts contributing are top thought leaders in practice growth and have guided thousands of clients to success through their teachings.

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Connecting with Powerful Messaging: Targeted Client Acquisition

Learn how to Identify Your Target Audience and Connect with Powerful Messaging using a strategy completely different than the norm! FREE RESOURCE: Access To Valuable Additional Training!

Shani is the Creator of The Business Builder and The Confident Coaching Collective, and the Author of From Ignored to Adored: Ignite Connection and Communication Online to Attract Your Soul Mate Clients… Without Being Salesy. Shani has shared the stage with A-List celebrity Elizabeth Hurley, Fashion Icon Tommy Hilfiger and Ice Hockey pro Wayne Gretzky. She brings to you her wisdom in human behavior, communication and connection that she has studied for the last twenty years and uses in her practice as a mentor to professionals and business owners in nineteen countries around the world.


Boosting Business Visibility: Top Social Media Strategies

Learn how to Boost Visibility Online, Create Valuable Content and Tips for the Top Social Media Strategies. FREE RESOURCE: Access to A Month of Social Media Content Ideas!

Analiese, owner of AMR Digital, and her team of experts develop engaged social communities using a results-oriented strategy. They are dedicated to creating MASSIVE influence for small businesses with big dreams and meaningful messages. They build engaged social communities through personalized content and strategic audience outreach that leads to long-term, sustainable results for brands. Analiese’s company has helped hundreds of businesses grow massive online audiences, drive millions in sales, and establish themselves as true thought leaders and influencers in their industries.


Strategic AI Integration: Streamlining Operations
& Generating Impactful Communication

Learn how to Utilize, Implement and Leverage Artificial Intelligence and how GPT Prompts Drive AI. FREE RESOURCE: Access to an AI Voice Agent!

Isabella Bedoya, founder of, an AI growth partner and consultancy helping businesses implement AI Voice Agents & AI Automations into their businesses to maximize growth, be more efficient, and decrease labor costs while generating more revenue. Isabella has been featured in Forbes, Hubspot, Business Insider, The List, BoldTV, and more. She teaches how to implement AI into day-to-day operations across digital marketing and modern sales strategies, and how to properly use AI tools like ChatGPT through private workshops and on-demand courses.


Unleashing Your Peak Performance: Igniting Unshakable Confidence, Mastering Leadership, and Paving the Way to Excellence

Learn how to dissolve the barriers and blocks that keep you stuck and the skills and strategies necessary to take your life and performance to higher levels. FREE RESOURCE: Access to a 5-part Training Course!

Salt is a Human Behavioral Specialist, speaker, and mentor dedicated to teaching people how to empower their lives, live more authentically, and experience greater abundance and joy in their daily lives. With a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, training as a High-Performance Coach, and professional qualifications as a Certified Facilitator in The Demartini Method®, Salt has more than 25 years experience providing coaching to individuals, businesses, and elite professional athletes.


Crafting Excellence in Healthcare: Nurturing Patient Loyalty, Boosting Referrals, & Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Dive into the Secrets of the Heart of Healthcare identifying the ultimate patient journey to create unforgettable experiences. FREE RESOURCE: Patient Experience Implementation List!

Kathleen is the founder of DreamCatcha Consulting, Moderator of DreamCatcha Community and Creator of “Magnetize Your Medical Practice: Executing Growth and Influence Techniques” asynchronous learning and guided coaching. She is a  business growth strategist with over 20 years’ experience in medical and dental. Her passion for helping providers stems from her clinical experience as an EDDA in dentistry and as the executive director of a medical focused non-profit. Business management and leadership, coupled with her educational background and vast implementation in process improvement, marketing techniques, and communications, provide the right tools to transform medical practices.


Advocating for Direct Health: The Premium Patient Journey

Learn the benefits of direct health and providing the ultimate patient journey where the patient is priority. FREE RESOURCE: The Top Reasons Why Direct Care Is Changing The Healthcare Landscape!

Dr. Brad Brown, owner of Strive Direct Health, has cracked the code for patient care with his elevated patient journey experience. Strive Direct Health is a Direct Primary Care practice that offers a membership model, positioning the patient as the priority with accessible and affordable healthcare. His practice cares for everyone of all ages, “womb to tomb and everything in between”.  As a family doc, he also works in rural emergency rooms and various hospitals in the area. He has a passion for using lifestyle and food as medicine, and he often says “life is motion and motion is medicine”.


Venturing Beyond the Practice: Igniting Profitable Strategic Relationships & Designing the Life You Want

Learn how to create the life you want while going outside direct care and into digital services, partnerships and licensing. FREE RESOURCE: The Ultimate Guide to Online Offers & Business Models!

April Beach is an award-winning business strategist who’s been teaching subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers to successfully scale with content licensing and million dollar offer ecosystems for 27 years. Her guidance has led entrepreneurs in 17 countries to develop transformational online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, memberships, hybrid programs, certifications, and content licensing packages that lead the way. April is an award winning podcast host and her own courses have been licensed by companies in 13 countries for over a decade. April has been featured on Today, MSNBC, Fox News, the New York Times, Austin Women’s Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Denver Business Journal, and Patagonia®. She was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2012” by the Denver Post, and “Top 50 Moms In Podcasting” in 2021 for her leading show, SweetLife® Entrepreneur.

KIMMIE HERRERA, BSDH, RDH, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Partnering for Success: Enhancing Patient Care
& Building Referral Relationships

Learn how to Confidently Build and Strengthen Strategic Relationships and Partner for Success to Enhance Patient Care, Build Referral Sources, and Secure the Future. FREE RESOURCE: Tips on How to Reach Out to Other Providers & How to Structure an In-Person Training AND Airway Screening Guide!

Kimmie is an OMT and the owner of Smile & Airway Health, where she has dedicated over 23 years to helping people achieve better health. Her primary focus is on airway health, as well as the proper development and function of the mouth, face, jaws, head, and neck. Kimmie has garnered multiple awards and honors, recognizing her as an industry leader and a dedicated advocate for her patients. Kimmie serves on the board of an international airway-focused study club dedicated to fostering connections among providers and patients for collaborative learning and care. As a seasoned industry leader, she’s mastered the art of collaborative care, making her a sought-after participant on the topic.


Boosting Your Attraction: Garnering More Views
& Widening Circle of Influence

Learn how magazine ads and featured articles can heighten visibility and introduce you to a larger network, all while increasing your SEO health. FREE RESOURCE: Business Directory Listing!

Trisha is the founder and editor-in-chief of Denver Colorado Luxury and ELIFE magazines and a published author, featured on Amazon’s Best Seller List. Denver Colorado Luxury magazine celebrates Denver’s Luxury Lifestyle and has a total readership of over 8 million nationwide, each issue garners 100,000-250,000 unique impressions. It covers topics such as luxury destination travel, events, people of interest, hotels, top-rated restaurants and the bustling art scene in Denver. ELIFE magazine celebrate the full richness of Erie, CO and surrounding towns and has a total readership of over 4 million, each issue garners  25,000-75,000 unique impressions.


Unlocking CRM’s Potential: Navigating Capabilities
for Maximum Impact

Learn how to utilize your CRM to save time, implementing automated actions and tapping into full capabilities. FREE RESOURCE: CRM Audit!

Jeremiah “Shark”, is the Director of Partner Development at Lucid AI Solutions. The “Shark” has previously established and managed the partner program at one of the world’s foremost Marketing Automation companies. He is well-versed in CRM management and navigating capabilities for maximum impact. He is known to attack with enthusiasm and has been sought after for his mastermind groups.


Automating Your Impact: Elevating Outreach with Nurturing
Email Sequences that Drive Results

Learn how to use automated sequences and funnels to nurture clients and respond to their actions to further drive results. FREE RESOURCE: Beginners Guide To Being Email Smart!

Wendy is a Keap Certified Consultant and ActiveCampaign Agency Partner with nearly 30 years of diverse experience, including digital marketing and email automation expertise. Passionate about empowering professionals, she enhances communication strategies and assists businesses in thriving online.



Driving Revenue: Uncovering the Secrets of Effective SEO

Learn the truth about Search Engine Optimization, how it works and the tricks to get it to work for you. FREE RESOURCE: Immediate Website Audit with the Click of a Button!

Meg is a prominent Search Engine Optimization professional and the founder and owner of Clapping Dog Media. She is passionate about sharing the power of SEO with others. Meg often appears on podcasts where she discusses how businesses can use SEO to grow and reach a larger audience and is also frequently invited to teach SEO best practices to mastermind and membership groups.


Building Wealth Foundations: Clean Bookkeeping & Accurate Metrics

Learn insights into wealth foundations, the essential strategies for meticulous financial management, and the prescription for heightened practice prosperity and stability. FREE RESOURCE: Expanded Q&A!

Cheryl is a professional bookkeeper and the owner of Mile High Accounting Management which specializes in small business start-ups as well as established businesses. She is experienced in small business finance management which focuses on streamlining accounting processes within an organization.


Accounting for Growth: Financial Planning and Analysis

Learn the strategies to business growth and prosperity, accumulate wealth while enjoying your business. FREE RESOURCE: Top 10 Questions Every Business Owner Should Be Asking Their CPA & Case Study of a Pediatric Dentist out of Long Island!

Ernie, Partner and Chief Advisory Officer of Accountability Services, is the chief strategist, principal advisor, the FP & A “guru”, and is a highly regarded figure promoting prosperity and business growth, with over 30 years experience. Ernie is passionate about helping business owners grow, accumulate wealth, enjoy their businesses, and exit successfully. He has dedicated his career to proving that anything is possible for business owners when they have proactive tax and business advice. AND, (the fun stuff) he is a fellow NY’er, from Brooklyn and appeared on the David Letterman Show – twice! 
Ernie on Letterman!


Preparing Your Exit Strategy: Securing Your Future

Learn how to prepare for your end game and honor your career while securing your future. FREE RESOURCE: Access to 3 Evaluations – Growth Planning, Exit Readiness & Ownership Dependency!

Anna, Founder of BeReady Business Exit Solutions, brings more than two decades of business exit strategy experience, along with 40 years of accounting, tax, audit, and consulting experience in the public and private sectors. Blending diverse expertise as a CPA, CFP®, and CBEC®, Anna takes a uniquely holistic approach, turning industry norms on their heads to ensure that an exit doesn’t just close a chapter but honors the entire book. Anna is a speaker nationwide, developer and presenter of several Kaplan Education CPE online courses, and a member of the International Exit Planning Association® certification faculty as well as serving as a CFP® Board Volunteer.

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Hosted by Kathleen Pecoraro, founder of DreamCatcha Consulting, Moderator of DreamCatcha Community and Creator of “Magnetize Your Medical Practice: Executing Growth and Influence Techniques” Asynchronous Learning and Guided Coaching.

Kathleen is a business growth strategist with over 20 years’ experience working in the medical and dental industries. Her passion for helping providers stems from extensive clinical experience as an EDDA in dentistry and later as the founder and executive director of a medical focused non-profit. That experience, along with business management and leadership expertise, coupled with her educational background in business process improvement, marketing, and communications, gives Kathleen the right tools to help transform medical offices into thriving practices.