DAY 5: Prosperity
Learn the necessary foundations, financial planning and analysis, and how to honor your legacy.

⭐️ Accounting Software
⭐️ Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make
⭐️ Practice Bookkeeping Details
⭐️ Making Informed Decisions
⭐️ Chart of Accounts
⭐️ What you need to understand
⭐️ Tracking


Building Wealth Foundations:
Clean Bookkeeping & Accurate Metrics

Learn insights into wealth foundations, the essential strategies for meticulous financial management, and the prescription for heightened practice prosperity and stability.

Cheryl is a professional bookkeeper and the owner of Mile High Accounting Management which specializes in small business start-ups as well as established businesses. She is experienced in small business finance management which focuses on streamlining accounting processes within an organization.


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⭐️ FP&A
⭐️ Diagnostic, Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive
⭐️ Drivers and Assumptions
⭐️ Meeting Frequency
⭐️ Strategic Planning Process
⭐️ Challenging Your CPA
⭐️ And Meeting Robin Williams on Letterman!


Accounting for Growth: Financial Planning and Analysis

Learn the strategies to business growth and prosperity, accumulate wealth while enjoying your business.

Ernie, Partner and Chief Advisory Officer of Accountability Services, is the chief strategist, principal advisor, the FP & A “guru”, and is a highly regarded figure promoting prosperity and business growth, with over 30 years experience. Ernie is passionate about helping business owners grow, accumulate wealth, enjoy their businesses, and exit successfully. He has dedicated his career to proving that anything is possible for business owners when they have proactive tax and business advice. AND, (the fun stuff) he is a fellow NY’er, from Brooklyn and appeared on the David Letterman Show – twice! 
Ernie on Letterman!

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⭐️ Derisking Your Business
⭐️ Getting out of Owner Dependency
⭐️ Transferable Businesses
⭐️ Unique Exit Strategies
⭐️ Avoiding Disruptions
⭐️ Quality of Life
⭐️ Best Practices & Internal Control
⭐️ Importance of SOPs & Systems
⭐️ Exit Strategy Prep


Preparing Your Exit Strategy: Securing Your Future

Learn how to prepare for your end game and honor your career while securing your future.

Anna, Founder of BeReady Business Exit Solutions, brings more than two decades of business exit strategy experience, along with 40 years of accounting, tax, audit, and consulting experience in the public and private sectors. Blending diverse expertise as a CPA, CFP®, and CBEC®, Anna takes a uniquely holistic approach, turning industry norms on their heads to ensure that an exit doesn’t just close a chapter but honors the entire book. Anna is a speaker nationwide, developer and presenter of several Kaplan Education CPE online courses, and a member of the International Exit Planning Association® certification faculty as well as serving as a CFP® Board Volunteer.

FREE RESOURCE: Access to 3 Evaluations – Growth Planning, Exit Readiness & Ownership Dependency!
GPI – Growth Planning Index™
BERI – Business Exit Readiness Index™
ODI – Ownership Dependency Index™

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