DAY 1: Attraction
Learn how to connect with powerful messaging, boost visibility on social channels, and generate impactful communication.

⭐️ Increase Business Acumen To Match Patient Care
⭐️ Transformational Messaging Over Pain Point Messaging
⭐️ Attract Patients That You Desire and Build the Practice That Suits YOU
⭐️ Implement What You Learn for Transformation
⭐️ You are a Business Owner AND a Health Professional
⭐️ Progression Over Perfection – Begin Implementation Today
⭐️ Authenticity over Script Discussions – Lead with the Heart


Connecting with Powerful Messaging:
Targeted Client Acquisition

Learn how to Identify Your Target Audience and Connect with Powerful Messaging using a strategy completely different than the norm!

Shani is the Creator of The Business Builder and The Confident Coaching Collective, and the Author of From Ignored to Adored: Ignite Connection and Communication Online to Attract Your Soul Mate Clients… Without Being Salesy. Shani has shared the stage with A-List celebrity Elizabeth Hurley, Fashion Icon Tommy Hilfiger and Ice Hockey pro Wayne Gretzky. She brings to you her wisdom in human behavior, communication and connection that she has studied for the last twenty years and uses in her practice as a mentor to professionals and business owners in nineteen countries around the world.

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⭐️ Opportunity where Often Neglected
⭐️ Serve Don’t Sell – Empathize and Educate – Content That Connects
⭐️ Give It All Away, 99% of people can only implement 2% without assistance.
⭐️ Show Don’t Tell: Case Studies & Success Stories
⭐️ CONSISTENCY – frequency is platform specific.
⭐️ Only 10% of your audiences sees any given post, they need 6-10 touches – repurposing content in different formats is crucial.
⭐️ Hashtags and key words, oh my!
⭐️ ENGAGEMENT, be social on social (organic growth method)
⭐️ What are the right metrics for you to track?


Boosting Business Visibility: Top Social Media Strategies

Learn how to Boost Visibility Online, Create Valuable Content and Tips for the Top Social Media Strategies.

Analiese, owner of AMR Digital, and her team of experts develop engaged social communities using a results-oriented strategy. They are dedicated to creating MASSIVE influence for small businesses with big dreams and meaningful messages. They build engaged social communities through personalized content and strategic audience outreach that leads to long-term, sustainable results for brands. Analiese’s company has helped hundreds of businesses grow massive online audiences, drive millions in sales, and establish themselves as true thought leaders and influencers in their industries.

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⭐️ Chatbots, Video Editors, Image Creators, Voice AI Agents
⭐️ Data Trained Generated Responses
⭐️ Prompt Engenering
⭐️ AI Hallucinations
⭐️ Human Expertise Guides the AI
⭐️ Implementing AI into your Business Procedures and Operations
⭐️ The Alternate Scaling Method
⭐️ Tech Stack Favorites
⭐️ Avatar Videos!
⭐️ Knowledge Based Voice Agents!
⭐️ Deepfakes and Regulations


Strategic AI Integration: Streamlining Operations
& Generating Impactful Communication

Learn how to Utilize, Implement and Leverage Artificial Intelligence and how GPT Prompts Drive AI.

Isabella Bedoya, founder of, an AI growth partner and consultancy helping businesses implement AI Voice Agents & AI Automations into their businesses to maximize growth, be more efficient, and decrease labor costs while generating more revenue. Isabella has been featured in Forbes, Hubspot, Business Insider, The List, BoldTV, and more. She teaches how to implement AI into day-to-day operations across digital marketing and modern sales strategies, and how to properly use AI tools like ChatGPT through private workshops and on-demand courses.

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