DAY 2: Human Behavior
Learn how to manage your mindset, provide a patient experience that wows, and design the ultimate patient journey.

⭐️ Getting Unstuck or Overcoming a Setback
⭐️ Looking at Human Behavior and Moving Forward
⭐️ Perception vs Perspective and How to Analyze
CPA: Clarity, Priority (Parkinson’s Law), & Action
⭐️ Busy? Get clear about priority, be productive!
⭐️ Want, Need, Deserve – Action matters.
⭐️ Movement gets Feedback
⭐️ Depression (comparison/past) and Anxiety (fear/future)
⭐️ Identity and Self-talk
⭐️ How to program R.A.S
⭐️ The Power of ‘I AM’
⭐️ Energy Goes Where Attention Flows
⭐️ The Human Experience


Unleashing Your Peak Performance:
Igniting Unshakable Confidence, Mastering Leadership, and Paving the Way to Excellence

Learn how to dissolve the barriers and blocks that keep you stuck and the skills and strategies necessary to take your life and performance to higher levels.

Salt is a Human Behavioral Specialist, speaker, and mentor dedicated to teaching people how to empower their lives, live more authentically, and experience greater abundance and joy in their daily lives. With a Masters in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, training as a High-Performance Coach, and professional qualifications as a Certified Facilitator in The Demartini Method®, Salt has more than 25 years experience providing coaching to individuals, businesses, and elite professional athletes.

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⭐️ First Point of Contact
⭐️ Welcoming and Providing Warm Atmosphere
⭐️ Comfort Menu Ideas
⭐️ Personalizing the Pass Off
⭐️ Nurturing SOPs & Ongoing Personal Touches
⭐️ Retention: Wowing Your Client & Creating Loyal Patients
⭐️ Setting Your Practice Apart
⭐️ Social Proof: Reviews, Testimonials & Case Studies
⭐️ Referral Programs and Reciprocation Campaigns
⭐️ Visibility and Relatability


Crafting Excellence in Healthcare:
Nurturing Patient Loyalty, Boosting Referrals, & Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Dive into the Secrets of the Heart of Healthcare identifying the ultimate patient journey to create unforgettable experiences.

Kathleen is the founder of DreamCatcha Consulting, Moderator of DreamCatcha Community and Creator of “Magnetize Your Medical Practice: Executing Growth and Influence Techniques” asynchronous learning and guided coaching. She is a  business growth strategist with over 20 years’ experience in medical and dental. Her passion for helping providers stems from her clinical experience as an EDDA in dentistry and as the executive director of a medical focused non-profit. Business management and leadership, coupled with her educational background and vast implementation in process improvement, marketing techniques, and communications, provide the right tools to transform medical practices.

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⭐️ Direct Care Model vs Traditional Model
⭐️ Accessible & Affordable
⭐️ Patients Over Profit
⭐️ Patient is the Hero, Dr is the Guide
⭐️ Valuable Memberships
⭐️ Warm, Comfortable & Inviting Atmosphere
⭐️ Trusting Relationships
⭐️ Recurring Revenue over Mass Production: Patient Focus


Advocating for Direct Health:
The Premium Patient Journey

Learn the benefits of direct health and providing the ultimate patient journey where the patient is priority.

Dr. Brad Brown, owner of Strive Direct Health, has cracked the code for patient care with his elevated patient journey experience. Strive Direct Health is a Direct Primary Care practice that offers a membership model, positioning the patient as the priority with accessible and affordable healthcare. His practice cares for everyone of all ages, “womb to tomb and everything in between”.  As a family doc, he also works in rural emergency rooms and various hospitals in the area. He has a passion for using lifestyle and food as medicine, and he often says “life is motion and motion is medicine”.

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