DAY 3: Expansion
Learn how to expand your business vision while creating your dream life, leverage collaborative care, and tap into established networks.

⭐️ Lifestyle Business Model
⭐️ Planning Freedom First
⭐️ Implementing Systems to Streamline Productivity
⭐️ Taking Expertise Online with Digital Business Models
⭐️ Getting Outside the Scope of Daily Practice Care
⭐️ How to Reach a Broader Audience
⭐️ Digital Offerings and Leadership Opportunities
⭐️ Managing and Protecting Time
⭐️ How to Productize Your Genius
⭐️ Leveling Up to Licensing 


Venturing Beyond the Practice: Igniting Profitable Strategic Relationships & Designing the Life You Want

Learn how to create the life you want while going outside direct care and into digital services, partnerships and licensing.

April Beach is an award-winning business strategist who’s been teaching subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers to successfully scale with content licensing and million dollar offer ecosystems for 27 years. Her guidance has led entrepreneurs in 17 countries to develop transformational online courses, coaching programs, masterminds, memberships, hybrid programs, certifications, and content licensing packages that lead the way. April is an award winning podcast host and her own courses have been licensed by companies in 13 countries for over a decade. April has been featured on Today, MSNBC, Fox News, the New York Times, Austin Women’s Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Denver Business Journal, and Patagonia®. She was named the “Greatest Thinker of 2012” by the Denver Post, and “Top 50 Moms In Podcasting” in 2021 for her leading show, SweetLife® Entrepreneur.

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⭐️ Patient Benefit of Collaborative Care
⭐️ No Competition Only Collaboration
⭐️ Endorsement and Compliance
⭐️ Where to Meet Other Providers
⭐️ How a Directory Can Boost Your Business
⭐️ Sharing Knowledge and Educating Colleagues
⭐️ Continuing Education and Broadening Your Knowledge
⭐️ Involve the Team in Education on Collaborative Care
⭐️ Connecting and Communicating to Providers of Mutual Patients
⭐️ Educational Packages
⭐️ Practice 90% Professional Referrals!

BONUS CASE STUDY from Kathleen on NP Growth Utilizing Collab Care Model!
From 10 to 40 New Patients Monthly
and Grew From 50 to 350 Referring Doctors


Partnering for Success: Enhancing Patient Care
& Building Referral Relationships

Learn how to Confidently Build and Strengthen Strategic Relationships and Partner for Success to Enhance Patient Care, Build Referral Sources, and Secure the Future.

Kimmie is an OMT and the owner of Smile & Airway Health, where she has dedicated over 23 years to helping people achieve better health. Her primary focus is on airway health, as well as the proper development and function of the mouth, face, jaws, head, and neck. Kimmie has garnered multiple awards and honors, recognizing her as an industry leader and a dedicated advocate for her patients. Kimmie serves on the board of an international airway-focused study club dedicated to fostering connections among providers and patients for collaborative learning and care. As a seasoned industry leader, she’s mastered the art of collaborative care, making her a sought-after participant on the topic.

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⭐️ Digital Reach with Publications
⭐️ Elevated Visibility
⭐️ Readership and Unique Impressions
⭐️ Multiple Touch Points
⭐️ Expanding Your Reach and Widening Your Network
⭐️ SEO Impact
⭐️ Featured Articles
⭐️ Directory Listings


Boosting Your Attraction: Garnering More Views
& Widening Circle of Influence

Learn how magazine ads and featured articles can heighten visibility and introduce you to a larger network, all while increasing your SEO health.

Trisha is the founder and editor-in-chief of Denver Colorado Luxury and ELIFE magazines and a published author, featured on Amazon’s Best Seller List. Denver Colorado Luxury magazine celebrates Denver’s Luxury Lifestyle and has a total readership of over 8 million nationwide, each issue garners 100,000-250,000 unique impressions. It covers topics such as luxury destination travel, events, people of interest, hotels, top-rated restaurants and the bustling art scene in Denver. ELIFE magazine celebrate the full richness of Erie, CO and surrounding towns and has a total readership of over 4 million, each issue garners  25,000-75,000 unique impressions.

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BONUS CASE STUDY on NP Growth Utilizing Collab Care Model!
From 10 to 40 New Patients Monthly
and Grew From 50 to 350 Referring Doctors