DAY 4: Communication
Learn how to maximize your CRM, the value of automation, and the untold SEO secrets.

⭐️ CRM or Practice Management Software
⭐️ Begin with Why, Functionality
⭐️ Compliance and Security
⭐️ Integrations and ROI Potential
⭐️ Team Adoption: Document the Roadmap
⭐️ SOPs and Automation
⭐️ Tool Support
⭐️ Marketing Automation with CRM
⭐️ Lead Gen and Patient Acquisition Cost
⭐️ Conversational Voice AI for Appointment Management
⭐️ Customer Experience
⭐️ CRM Audit


Unlocking CRM’s Potential: Navigating Capabilities
for Maximum Impact

Learn how to utilize your CRM to save time, implementing automated actions and tapping into full capabilities.

Jeremiah “Shark”, is the Director of Partner Development at Lucid AI Solutions. The “Shark” has previously established and managed the partner program at one of the world’s foremost Marketing Automation companies. He is well-versed in CRM management and navigating capabilities for maximum impact. He is known to attack with enthusiasm and has been sought after for his mastermind groups.


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⭐️ Email Marketing Automated Sequences
⭐️ Triggers and Activators
⭐️ Building Relationships
⭐️ Personalized and Consistent
⭐️ Educate and Inform
⭐️ Lead Magnets, Opt Ins, Subscriptions, Forms
⭐️ Manage Expectations
⭐️ Nurturing, Appointment, Abandon Cart, Purchase, B’day, Reengagement: Campaigns
⭐️ Timed Release and If/Then or Decision Diamond
⭐️ Client Journey and Behaviors
⭐️ Lists and Tags Segmentation
⭐️ Clean Lists and Deliverability
⭐️ Authentication and Managing Engagement
⭐️ What Damages Your Ability to get Into the Inbox
⭐️ Quality over Quantity


Automating Your Impact: Elevating Outreach with Nurturing Email Sequences that Drive Results

Learn how to use automated sequences and funnels to nurture clients and respond to their actions to further drive results.

Wendy is a Keap Certified Consultant and ActiveCampaign Agency Partner with nearly 30 years of diverse experience, including digital marketing and email automation expertise. Passionate about empowering professionals, she enhances communication strategies and assists businesses in thriving online.

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⭐️ Search Engine Optimization: Google Web Traffic
⭐️ Query and Answer Verification
⭐️ FAQ, Articles, Videos: Engaging and Easy To Navigate
⭐️ Functionality and Esthetics
⭐️ Twice a Month Update Consistency
⭐️ Valuable Content That’s Localized
⭐️ YouTube, Social Media & LinkedIn: Google Indexed
⭐️ Case Study: 60% of Space on First Page of Search
⭐️ Conversion Rate for Searches
⭐️ Key Words, Titles and Tags
⭐️ Pattern Recognition vs Key Word Identification
⭐️ Accurate Description vs Fun Hooks
⭐️ Skimmable and Scrollable
⭐️ Interlinking and Quality Backlinking
⭐️ SEO Health
⭐️ NAP Identifiers


Driving Revenue: Uncovering the Secrets of Effective SEO

Learn the truth about Search Engine Optimization, how it works and the tricks to get it to work for you.

Meg is a prominent Search Engine Optimization professional and the founder and owner of Clapping Dog Media. She is passionate about sharing the power of SEO with others. Meg often appears on podcasts where she discusses how businesses can use SEO to grow and reach a larger audience and is also frequently invited to teach SEO best practices to mastermind and membership groups.

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